Wednesday, December 10, 2014

RaDAR Rally On-The-Air Meetup for December 2014

Please join in on the RaDAR Rally On-The-Air Meetup 1500 -1800 UTC Saturday Dec 13th. Use 14.346 for the first hour. and 14.059 for last 20 min of the first hour.  If you don't do CW continue on SSB.

For the second and third hour pick any frequency. These are suggested . Post your frequency on  the RaDAR spotter page at

Please adjust for QRM.  Call CQ RaDAR. Exchange grid squares. Post photos and tell us how you did. Visit the Google+ RaDAR Community at

Movement after every five contacts is encouraged. This will increase you points per QSO. See RaDAR Rally rules at

RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio. RaDAR Rally is active at all hours on 363 days a year. RaDAR Rally is open to all operators who operate portable. Credit is also given for fixed operators who chase RaDAR operators in the field. The other two days are RaDAR Challenge on the first Saturday of April and November.

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